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Do you know what the Government is planning to roll out? Do you understand what the ‘Global Vaccine Action Plan’ 2020 is? Do you know which vaccine mandates are being put forward in parliament this year? Do you see how coronavirus is the catalyst for worldwide adult mandatory vaccination?

I see many of us joking about toilet paper - posting about it on our socials, talking about it with friends. I also see MANY of us DISTRACTED from the REAL ISSUE which trust me, is not running out of paper to wipe your butt.

Around the world Government will set up the masses to be distracted when they want to quickly pass corrupt legislations, implement "control orders" and prepare for mass vaccination campaigns without us really having any idea.


DON'T be surprised if you get microchip it will be in the needle already inserted when they give it you the vaccination you'll be allready chipped and you would not even know it. It’s called The New World Order.

So maybe we should stop talking so much about toilet paper and start talking about what steps you’re going to take for your family if your town goes into lock down. Let’s start talking about what the Government plans to put in place which could see anyone being forcibly vaccinated in 2020. Let’s start talking about how we will organise ourselves in educated groups to end these draconian laws.

Toilet paper running out is a funny joke but mass vaccination, control orders and vaccine mandates are not.

Are you aware? Are you prepared? We shouldn’t live in fear but we also shouldn’t be so comfortably naive when it comes to the bigger agenda behind coronavirus this year.


We need ALL boots on the ground in 2020.

Because honestly, between the coronavirus pandemic, 5G towers around us, fluoride in the water, glyphosate being sprayed on our food, geoengineering in the sky. Toilet paper right now is the least of our concerns.

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Henoch Morgan

Henoch Morgan @Henoch  

2,847 | Local time: 07:42 pm


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