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  Beware of Psychics and Spiritual Mystics

Beware of Psychics and Spiritual Mystics. Many of them are going around claiming that Donald Trump was sent by God to save the world from shape-shifting Sorcerers and Demon Aliens. They preach that evil entities are trying their best to get the immortality code that God installed in humans before Europeans, the leaders of the human race, acquire it first.  

If you are Black and you’ve become caught up in this crap, please stop. Psychics and Spiritualists are a distraction. They suffer from schizophrenia and make up stuff to justify their ignorance of reality. Normally, I wouldn’t spend my time talking about this kind of stuff but I’m seeing a lot of Black people also preaching this whole QAnon conspiracy BS so my Conscience urges me to respond with HERU. Every living thing including humans, exist in three forms simultaneously; physical, abstract, and Spiritual.

Our 1st form is our Physical body, which is tied to nature. It dies and will die just like every other Life on Earth. Stop trying to live forever in the physical, it cannot be done. This was the Egyptians greatest mistake and because the European stole their Spiritual knowledge from Egypt and don’t understand it, they used it to create Religions. That is why they’re still trying to achieve immortality in the physical and are deceiving all Black people with their lies as well.

Our 2nd form is our Soul. A Soul reincarnates over and over inside a Physical host. We don’t know our past lives because life is a voluntary exercise. In other words, we choose to forget in order to experience life without the emotional baggage of our past lives. There are special instances where a previous Soul will intervene in the life of a present Soul but it’s usually temporary such as after a serious accident. You may wake up speaking a different language or remembering things from your previous incarnation.

Our Soul is responsible for our thoughts however, our thoughts are manipulated by 2 forces; our Desires and our Conscience. Our Desires are manipulated by instincts that are tied to Nature but are being regulated by our Spirit through our Conscience. If you get too dependent on satisfying your Desires you will become evil and corrupt your Soul in the process. When you die your Soul will get trapped in the Gray Zone as a Ghost and will not reincarnate again. Evil Souls become the demons that survive off the energy of the living through possessions. Demons are the ones possessing Trump and other evil people, not Aliens or illusionary Angels.       

Our 3rd and most important form is our Spirit. Our Spirit is omnipotent energy, which is a part of the Great Spirit that is the Universe. It cannot die nor can it do evil. We cannot communicate with our Spirit but we can harness its power to help us understand life, heal our physical bodies, and most importantly protect us from demons. The only way to do this is to listen to and obey our Conscience. This helps us to stay morally grounded while helping us achieve true joy in life, which was the intent of our Spirit in the first place.

If the intent of the Spirit is to achieve true Joy then it is you who must work to mold life into a paradise instead of the hell hole that we have made it so far. Our Spirit does not care how many times we live and die to learn what we should be learning; it is omnipotent and can do this forever. Our Soul is the thing that is suffering because every time it reincarnates it gets tripped up by ignorant people who preach about living in physical form forever using religions and mysticism.

If I cannot prove what I'm saying then how is my perception of reality different from the Psychics and Mystics, you might ask? The difference is Moral Sanity, which is the endeavor of the HERU Interface. My philosophy is different because every ideology or belief system that humanity has produced thus far is based on a “Carrot and Stick” philosophy. This is because every spiritual philosopher going back to ancient times has deduced that physical life must be immortal. Even Egypt made this grave mistake.

In order to achieve immortality, sacrifices must be made, therefore they created the concept of heaven and hell. Then they created a God to try to help us get to heaven and a Devil to deceive us and throw us into hell. Religious philosophers still cannot see that life is immortal already. This is the same philosophy that deceiving Psychics and Mystics are using. They believe that a secret key to immortality exists but devils and demons are trying to steal it away from you.

The Carrot is immortality and the Stick is religious belief. As long as they use religious belief to dangle immortality out in front of people, people will always follow it because they don’t know any better. Black people; come home to a saner philosophy of life. Come home to the HERU Interface.  

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Integral Dohgon

Integral Dohgon @Integral  

27,622 | Local time: 07:16 pm


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