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  The Pacifism Deception

RIP to Bishop Desmond Tutu, an icon of the South African liberation struggle who passed away on December 25. Now, just like his compatriot who also passed away several years ago, Desmond Tutu is being hailed worldwide as a hero of pacifism. Many people have their own opinions on his legacy but many will point out that the period of grief is no time to throw stones. However, I am compelled to point out that pacificism is a deception. Perhaps it was even introduced into Africa through the British Indian agent Gandhi.

Yesterday morning as the Soul of MR Tutu was departing the Earth, I was also watching the departure of the James Web telescope, the most powerful space telescope that modern man has ever built. This telescope is anticipated to reveal countless hidden secrets about the creation of the universe that has nothing to do with religion. But while the rest of the world is focused on technological advancement Black people are still struggling to achieve self-sufficiency.

The reason why Black people are stuck in developmental stasis is because we haven’t learned to separate religion from reality. The truth is that religion is merely a comforter and all a comforter does is keep people comfortable. While in a state of religious comfort, people become resistant to change. They are comforted by the belief that a paradise awaits them in the after-life. In reality and over time, people naturally become uncomfortable and unhappy with their condition but their religious leaders always step up to pacify them once more.

Don’t get me wrong, pacifist leaders come out of their comfort zones too. They come onto the streets and participate in marches and demonstrations when things get out of hand. They do petition world leaders but they will never get world leaders too pissed off. They prefer to work among their people to address corruption but it is all for the cause of Faith strengthening. Martin Luther King came close to going over the edge but very few of them will cross the revolution line like Nat Turner did.  

Pacifist leaders are held in high regard by world leaders for their work in pacifying the discomforts of Black people so when they die, they are always celebrated by world leaders as heroes. This is all a deception however, because world leaders know that it’s better to spend 10 billion dollars on one space telescope than 10 billion dollars on mercenaries to quiet unruly 3rd world populations or help them with their dysfunctional social development.

Pacifism may be a deception but violent revolution is not a good option. All you agents who scour Black social media looking for Black identity extremists will not like what I just wrote but you can continue reading. The real answer to the deception of religion and humanism-based pacifism is a new way of thinking. You see, when you know that this life is a voluntary experience of your own omnipotent Spirit, the psychological chains that bind you to the will of others will break. You will no longer fear death and you will begin to work to better your condition and the condition of the people bonded to you by family, race, and culture.

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Integral Dohgon

Integral Dohgon @Integral  

27,622 | Local time: 06:55 pm


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