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Do you Celebrate Halloween?
To most people #Halloween is a harmless tradition but, in my opinion, Halloween is devil worship perpetuated by consumerism. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with Black culture. Yes, now that I’m an adult I can say that but as a child I used to love it. Also, when my children were young, I couldn’t prevent them from participating in it. It is ingrained into the culture of the society I live. So now while everyone in the neighborhood has their houses draped in cobwebs, plastic skeletons and ghosts, and spooky lights, my house will be dark and silent on Halloween as usual. I gave up being a slave to many pop-culture traditions.
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I always thought it was devilish..
2019-11-02 06:24:12
Integral Dohgon

Integral Dohgon @Integral   

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