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Chidi Okolo

Chidi Okolo  

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Chidi Okolo

  IMX - The Management & Consulting Group

Business to Business (Minority Owned)
IMX - The Management & Consulting Group


We're an innovative business transformation agency and consultancy using talent and technology to generate new business leads for our clients and partners in the hard to reach education and training sector.


Business, management and lead generation agency
Content creation and production, marketing and distribution, lead generation, social media management, events sponsorship, brand content marketing. digital media production, customer experience research and consultancy
Cost: We operate a payment on performance policy

Social Media Management
We design and deliver a fully comprehensive and bespoke social media marketing strategy which maximises exposure of your brand through designated online education and training channels
Cost: Payment on Performance (POP)

Content Creation and Production
We grow your business, client base and revenue streams by working with you to delver branded content which targets users by interests, expertise, behaviours, career, location, demographics and more.
Cost: Price is based on the size of the project

Events Sponsorship
We design and deliver detailed and insightful events marketing and sponsorship strategies and opportunities which ensure that your brand or business is centre-stage at key education and training events, lectures or seminars whether online, onsite or on-demand.
Cost: Price is based on the size / scale of each project

Brand Content Marketing
From sponsored lectures to branded learning content and events - we ensure that your brand message continues to reach the right audiences at the right time.
Cost: Price is based on the size/scale of each project


Chidi Okolo
Telephone: +44 208 123 3821

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Chidi Okolo

Chidi Okolo  

78 | Local time: 02:51 pm


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