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Thomas Sumter
Thomas Sumter 921  
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  Dreaming Elephants Tutoring, LLC

Education (Minority Owned)
Dreaming Elephants Tutoring, LLC


Tutoring & Test Prep Company that provides Tutoring Services for All Subjects K-12 and select subjects for Graduate and Undergraduate students. #Education #Tutoring #TestPrep #Philadelphia #OnlineEducation #Math #Science #Biology #Chemistry #Latin #English #SAT #ACT #GRE #GMAT #Calculus #Physics #History #Algebra #Geometry


Test Prep
Preparation Services for ISEE, SSAT, ACT, SAT, GMAT, & GRE Exams
Cost: $65/hour

Elementary Level (K-5) Tutoring in Person
Tutoring for all K-5 Subjects
Cost: $50/hour

Middle & High School Level (6-12th) Tutoring In Person
Tutoring for all 6-8 Subjects except ISEE and SSAT exams
Cost: $60/hour

College & Graduate Level Tutoring
Tutoring, Research guidance, and Cram services in all Subjects at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels. This includes Essay prep, review, editing and revising. This service does not include GRE or GMAT Test prep.
Cost: $65/hour

Online Tutoring *High School, Undergrad & Graduate students only*
Online Tutoring through Our WizIQ only Teaching Platform and service.
Cost: $50/hour


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Thomas Sumter  

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