Huddle: Blaqsbi Introductions & Support

Blaqsbi Introductions & Support

This huddle is for new members to introduce themselves, help each other and get questions answered on how to navigate your way around the platform


Akeel Norman
Akeel Norman 2,041
2019-09-07 15:04:06 (Updated) 133 Views 20

{⋮b}100,000 for creating “how to” videos for Blaqsbi.


Here is how it works. Create videos that tells members how to use the platform. Earn {⋮b}5,000 for each video chosen.

NAACP civil rights demonstration is disrupted by pro-segregationists - stock video
/ NAACP pro-integration demonstrators arriving at Wooldridge Park and singing songs in response to Governor John Connally's opposition to civil rights legislation / Demonstrators holding signs saying 'Freedom Now!' / A young priest takes photos of the demonstration / Demonstrators singing songs at bandstand / / Demonstration leader Booker T. Bonner walking in front of march / Racially mixed crowd watching performance / Bobby Joiner and his pro-segregation Indignant White Citizens Council protests the demonstration / Police arrive.


Akeel Norman

Revolutionary | 2,041 | Local time: 02:44 pm


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