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  Write an Article About “How to Make the World a Better Place" for {⋮b}2,500

Payout: 2,500 | Type: I Dare You

Hello family,

Are you a talented writer? Take this challenge for the chance to earn {⋮b}2,500.

Here is how it works. Write an article about “How to make the world a better place.”


  • Article must be at least 800 words
  • Work must be yours not someone else's work or ideas. (Plagiarize content will be disqualified)
  • Article must be in English
  • Article must provide ideas on how to improve the world


  • Write your article 
  • Join the challenge
  • Post the article. MUST be an article not a regular post. To add an article:
    1. Click on the Pencil at the button right of the screen
    2. Click on the " Add post" button
    3. Click on this icon at the top of the modal 
    4. Write or paste your article in the editor
    5. Click the post button to submit
  • Copy the permalink of the article
  • Paste the permalink in the comment section of this challenge (DO NOT post the article in comment section. This will disqualify your entry)

You will get {⋮b}2,500 if you article is promoted.

Have fun!!!!

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