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Blaqsbi Excellence & Pride

Blaqsbi Excellence & Pride


WOW what an amazing speech and it's actually very timeless.

Barack Obama AUDACITY OF HOPE speech is what lead him to become the 1st black president and I did a complete breakdown on that very speech

Jamaal Noland: Obama's 2004 DNC Keynote Speech Breakdown
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Then he went ahead to betray the Africans and is in his watch that Libya was turned into a conflict zone. Also not to forget the money he seized from Libya telling the world that it is a Gadafi's loot, while the money was actually for the start of the African monetary fund. Africans have not forgotten the deeds of the Kenya boy called Obama who chose to follow his white mother to make sure Africans never get the economic freedom.
2021-05-09 10:56:17
Jamaal Noland

Jamaal Noland @Jam44l  

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